nbs offers a range of Savings accounts catering for different Customer needs

Whether it be the "5-to-Life" account to help children start saving or our latest Samoa Super $aver, we want to help all Samoans enhance a culture of savings!

At nbs, we make our savings account simple and easy so that you can manage your day to day needs. 

Samoa Super $aver

Samoa Super $aver (SS$) is increasing to 4% per annum paid out monthly. nbs SS$ is designed to super charge your savings - rewarding Customers who are serious about saving!

Key Features include: 

  • Base interest rate 1.0% pa - calculated daily on ending balance and paid monthly to the account

  • Bonus interest rate – 3% pa - entitled to when there is no withdrawal and at least 1 deposit for the month

  • No minimum initial deposit

  • No monthly fees for the account – except normal transactional fees such as that linked to over the counter withdrawal or ATM withdrawal

  • No passbook

  • Account can be linked to an ATM card

  • Account can be linked to internet banking for viewing of account balance and statements or making transfers between accounts in the bank and outside of the bank.

  • We can accept any form of authenticated form of picture ID to open an account

  • All ages for our consumer customers

  • Can be opened at all our branches 

5 to life

nbs' 5-to-Life Savings Account is a special banking product for children. It is a great way for children to learn about the habit of regularly putting money aside, as well as helping them to learn about the benefits of regular saving. 

nbs wants children to understand the value of money and to start them on the road to becoming financially literate. With your child having his/her own bank account, it gives them an increased sense of financially self worth.

Key Features include: 

  • Competitive Interest rates

  • No transaction fees

Ordinary Savings

In addition to your passbook, a nbs ATM debit card “Tupe Vave” is also available on application, for cash withdrawals and EFTPOS transactions where nbs electronic banking facilities are available.

To open a Savings account you will need to provide:

  • Proof of Identification
  • Complete an application form
  • Minimum deposit of $50.00

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