Interest Rates

nbs provides competitive rates to grow your opportunities

Savings Accounts

Samoa Super $aver*

Base Rate 1% p.a.
Premium rate for months with no withdrawals 2.5% p.a.

* see conditions - Premium rate only payable for the month when there are no withdrawals and at least one deposit

Ordinary Savings Accounts

Based on the minimum balance of each month. Interest is credited annually to accounts 1.5% p.a.

5-to-Life Savings Accounts

$2-$499 1% p.a.
$500-$999 1.5% p.a.
$1,000 or more 2% p.a.

Term Deposits

1-2 months     1.75% p.a.
3-5 months      2% p.a
6-11 months    2.5% p.a
12 months or more    3% p.a

• Rates are negotiable on a case by case basis

Loans and Overdrafts

Small Loans

Small Loan – flat rate 20%p.a.

Home Loans

Home Loan – flat rate   10.00%p.a.

Personal Loans

Secured personal loan   10%p.a.
+ risk adjustment 
Unsecured personal loan  18%p.a.
+ risk adjustment 


Secured personal loan    10%p.a.
+ risk adjustment 
Unsecured personal loan   17%p.a.
+ risk adjustment 

Term  Loans

Secured term loan  10%p.a.
+ risk adjustment 


The National Bank of Samoa reserves the right to change its interest rate depending on market at any point in time without notice. To avoid disappointment please contact your nearest branch and speak to a Home Loan Manager today on telephone no : +685 26766.

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