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EziSend easy remittance

National Bank of Samoa launches a quick and easy way to receive your remittances, available anytime.

Sending and receiving remittances just got a whole lot quicker, easier and cheaper thanks to nbs’ new remittance product – EziSend®. 

Money sent to Samoa by family members in New Zealand is very important both culturally and as a valuable source of funds for everyday living and investments for many Samoans. Traditionally, remittances sent to Samoa from New Zealand via money transfer companies can be slow and costly, and only available in Samoa between business hours. nbs has now partnered with the Unity Credit Union (Unity) to offer a superior means to transfer money from New Zealand to Samoa, with access to funds on any day, at anytime.  

The new Unity and nbs remittance service, EziSend®, will deliver remittances to family and friends in Samoa in real time, within one hour. Importantly it is one of the cheapest products of its type in the market. The transaction fee is only NZD$8.00 per transaction and the money is automatically converted to Samoan Tala. The Sender based in NZ has the option of either going into an Unity branch or sending the money on-line, if they are signed up to the Unity online banking.

nbs customers can also turn remittances into cash at either a nbs branch or ATM, or withdraw cash via Digicel’s network of agents

As well as making it easy for the Sender of the remittances, EziSend® offers the most alternatives to cash out for Samoan recipients.

nbs’new remittance product has the support of the Central Bank of Samoa and meets all the regulatory requirements both in New Zealand and Samoa. Terms and conditions apply.

Ezisend Terms and Conditions for Unity Customers

    Making a payment using Ezisend

    • You must be a member of Unity (Unity Credit Union) to make an Ezisend payment.
    • The recipient must have an account with the National Bank of Samoa.
    • You must be at least 18 years old to make an Ezisend payment.
    • To make an Ezisend payment, you’ll need to provide us with all of the information we request. This may include documentation to verify your identity to comply with our obligations under the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 (the AML/CFT Act).
    • We may not be able to make an Ezisend payment if:
        o the request isn’t clear or the details provided are incorrect or unclear;
        o we believe the request may be unauthorised, not genuine, or may fail our security checks;
        o we believe the request may breach applicable laws, sanctions, or other requirements;
        o we are not able to comply with our obligations under the AML/CFT Act;
          o You agree that we can provide any information you have provided to us to a third party service provider for the purpose of verifying your identity as required under the AML/CFT Act.
        o there’s not enough money in your account for the payment; or
        o at our discretion, we believe that the payment should not be processed
    • When you request an Ezisend payment:
        o you confirm the payment won’t breach any laws, sanctions, or requirements of any government agencies in New Zealand or Samoa;
        o you confirm that the payment is not being made for an illegal or fraudulent purpose;
        o we’re not responsible for any losses or costs you or anyone else incurs if your Ezisend payment request includes:
        • information that is wrong or
        • a recipient name that is inconsistent with the account or identifying number in your request.

    How and when we’ll process your Ezisend payments

    • National Bank of Samoa (nbs) is used as an intermediary to process the Ezisend payment on your behalf
    • We aim to process your Ezisend payment within 30 minutes of when we receive it, provided that we receive all of the correct information to facilitate the transaction
    • We process Ezisend payment requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • We will deduct the money for the Ezisend payment (including any other related fees and charges) from your selected Unity account immediately.
    • There may be a delay before cleared funds become available to the recipient.
    • Unity are not responsible for any losses or costs you or anyone else incurs if an Ezisend payment is delayed.
    • If an Ezisend payment is delayed, we can investigate this further. We may charge a fee for this.

    Currency calculations

    • We’ll use the applicable exchange rate we quote and agree with you at the time of the Ezisend payment request.
    • The National Bank of Samoa will receive the payment in New Zealand dollars and will then convert the payment to Samoan Tālā at the agreed exchange rate, before making the payment available to the recipient.

    We may not be able to process your Ezisend payment request

    • Sometimes we won’t be able to process your Ezisend payment request. This can happen if there are legal, regulatory, or policy requirements preventing us from processing your request.
    • Sometimes the National Bank of Samoa won’t be able to process your Ezisend payment request. If this happens, the Intermediary will either ask for more information about the payment or return it to us, less any fees.
    • The National Bank of Samoa may return an Ezisend payment for many reasons; including concerns it may have about the end recipient, the purpose of the payment, or the source of payment funds. We may not always be able to confirm the reason an Ezisend payment is returned and we have no control or responsibility for the National Bank of Samoa’s decisions.
    • You agree to reimburse Unity for any loss or cost we incur for an Ezisend payment we make on your request.

    Fees and charges

    • The fees and charges for making Ezisend payments are available on our website and from your local Unity branch. Fees are subject to change.

    We can suspend or cancel the services we provide

    • We can suspend or cancel your ability to request Ezisend payments at any time without notice.

    Terms and conditions apply and rates and fees may vary. The current Product Disclosure Statement, other disclosure statements and rates and fees are available on the Offer Register at, on or on request from Unity. Credit Union Baywide savings are shares secured by a first ranking security over Credit Union Baywide's assets.
    Unity Credit Union is proud to be a credit union and not a registered bank.

For more information about EziSend® either contact nbs at one of our branches or call our team on +685 26766.

or email to find out more 

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